Top 10 Key Takeaways

  1. Analyzed traffic data comes from exclusively private Russian underground communities where various accounts with different backgrounds persuaded Threat Actors to click on specific links;
  2. During about 1 year of undercover operation, data from 550 unique hosts was collected;
  3. In total, connections from 68 different countries were collected;
  4. US is in…


Monitoring cyber crime forums is certainly very important but when information arrives on a forum it is often already too late or has already been exploited by some Threat Actor previously who exchanged it or sold it privately with his most trusted contacts or buyers.

To be able to get…

Top 30 questions to understand the maturity of your Cyber Intelligence program

  1. Adversaries — What adversaries are likely to target financial services organizations?
  2. Financial (Motivation) — What are the financial motivations for targeting banks or financial services organizations?
  3. Nation State (Motivation) — What nation-state agendas may result in the targeting…

Batch script to automate collection, credential dumping, discovery and exfiltration techniques


Each time during a red team or a PT we always find ourselves performing manual reconnaissance actions before deciding how to move laterally or perform more aggressive post exploitation actions.

This article will give you a vision of how…

Technical overview of different ways to spawn a reverse shell on a victim machine


On December 2017 i wrote an article about some possible Insider Attacks that using in-memory PowerShell scripts which, months ago, were not detected by the major AV solutions. During last months, after warning all the vendors…

TweetDeck Platform Overview

TweetDeck is a social media dashboard application for management of Twitter accounts. You can use this platform in order to monitor specific keywords and hashtag related to your interest.

TweetDeck gives you a dashboard that displays separate columns of activity from your Twitter accounts. For example, you might see separate…

Bank Security

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