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5 min readFeb 27, 2018

In this article I will explain how you can simply create and configure Inoreader platform in order to follow all the cyber news, blogs, articles and keywords suited for your interest. In this way you will have a global and centralized overview of the main threats related to the cyber security world.

Platform interface:

Why the Security and Threat Intelligence are so important?

  • The perimeter to be monitored is getting bigger and bigger
  • Hacker groups are increasingly organized
  • Open sources and social are increasingly used
  • Steady increase of unknown threats
  • Constant evolution of the attackers methods
  • Public sources are difficult to manage

What is Inoreader?

Inoreader is a web-based content and RSS feed reader, a cloud-based service for web browsers and mobile devices running iOS and Android. The application requires registration and can be configured to fetch feeds within regular intervals.

Platform link:

First page example with column view:

Different view types:

A cyber security way to use Inoreader

Gather The Feed

Signing into Inoreader reveals the absolutely minimal interface. If you are starting fresh, you can start adding your security feeds manually. If you are coming from another feedreader, you can import your subscriptions via OPML files.

Managing Your News

Organize your subscriptions by placing them in folders.

According to your needs and based on your feeds you can create dedicated groups like, for example:

  • blogs / CERT
  • vulnerabilities / phishing
  • finance / bank
  • exploit / code
  • malware / sample
  • Spain / Germany / France

Discover new feeds and articles filtering Keywords via Global Search

Global search allows you to search for feeds and article outside your subscriptions. You can search a specific keyword in your current subscriptions or in the public Inoreader’s feeds. You can also search a terms inside Twitter, Google+ or Google News.

This feature allows you to stay up to date on all the keywords of your interest by searching within the vast repository of Inoreader’s articles.

Here an example of the global search options:

Search example result in a Public Feeds:

Monitoring Keywords using Active Search

Active search helps you follow a certain search term and populate your feeds when new articles matching your search terms arrive.

Here an example about Active Search set for “malware” in Public feeds:

Create Rules

Instead of manually filtering articles, you can set up personalized rules. For every condition, you can set up an automated action.

Example: You can automatically add a tag based on keywords or forward specific articles to your email, trigger desktop alerts etc…

Mail Alert Rule Example:

set an email alert for most relevant articles

Here all the filter types:

Different filters types 1/4
Different filters types 2/4
Different filters types 3/4
Different filters types 4/4


Inoreader gives you the possibility to highlight specific words written into your feeds articles.

You can set them going into highlighter Preferences:

Highlighter Example:

Save your favorites as PDF

You can mark the best as a Favorite. You can also quickly download them as PDFs. The PDF files via Inoreader are cleaner without the ads and website elements.

Here an Example:

Inoreader’s article
Created PDF


With this simple guide I showed you how you can configure a free osint platform. Thanks to this configuration you will be able to follow blogs and keywords of your interest. I use it for years and I assure you that if well configured has nothing to envy to the most famous intelligence platforms based on public sources.


Inoreader comes in three flavors: Basic, Plus, and Professional. As you will see the free basic version of the newsreader gives you enough to follow your favorite sites. However, you can update your account from basic to Professional for free for a month. Remember that, if you don’t want to spend any money, there is a possibility to export the whole configuration and then import it into a new account that will have the possibility to upgrade the account for free for a month.

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